We are very excited to unveil the newest version of MatchCenter. will have coverage for every World Cup game with MatchCenter, and we are making it even better! The new large screen version is a huge update after our successful tablet design and mobile design updates. In addition to the responsive design work, there was a significant update to the webapp architecture. The data for a match is updated in real-time regardless of what tab you are currently on. This enables you to switch tabs near instantly because it doesn’t require communication with the server.

Player Details

Detailed Player Card

Fans can now select specific players to highlight. Touch or select a player name from the Lineup, Feed, or Boxscore tabs to reveal a player card. Player cards contain vital stats for players and some general information. Additionally, the player’s name is highlighted everywhere, so fans can quickly find player events.

ProTip: Touch the name on the player card to jump to his bio page.

New Boxscore

Detailed Player Card

There is an all new Boxscore tab that highlights individual stats such as goals, discipline, and substitutions. Additional player stat tables have been added to allow fans to compare individual players. The Opta Chalkboard also returns to MatchCenter, and Flash is no longer required. Fans can now slice and dice a variety of stats using the interactive tool.

New Stats

Detailed Player Card The stats tab now features shot accuracy with visual charts for direction and outcome. Team stats are easier to compare now with bar charts. Overall stat numbers are automatically highlighted with team colors to quickly identify each leader.

Match Preview Integration

Match Preview

The match preview is the perfect starting point for pre-game research. You can quickly find historical data about each club with quick links for Previous Meetings, Current Form, and Season Goal Leaders.



A new videos experience makes it even easier to watch match highlights. Videos are now grouped into 3 sections, Full Highlights, Highlights, and Related Videos. During a match, you will also see a Recent Highlight section that will always have the latest highlight clip. We’ve also added an auto-advance function to move you through the highlight clips in match order. Don’t worry, you can turn this off with a single click and we will remember that for future matches.

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