Tablet Showcase

This week we launched a major update to the Matchcenter (aka ¡Golazo!) tablet design. The new design is built on top of our recently launched mobile MatchCenter experience and enhanced to take advantage of a tablet’s additional screen real estate. Fans can get access to the Timeline with a side bar for Boxscore. The Scores page delivers more information such as aggregate scores, and the Boxscore now includes venue, attendance, and weather.

Resolution UX

Tablet designs can be challenging, especially considering the various screen resolutions and aspect ratios. In order to make a decision on breakpoints, we started with analytics from our current users. We quickly came to the realization that 5 times the number of iPad users appear to be using their devices in portrait mode instead of landscape. Note: This could be due to the previous design, which didn’t work very well in landscape.

Staying with our mobile-first theme, we are now moving to optimize the desktop experience. Keep an eye out for the next update which should launch before World Cup.

Nexus Tablet UX

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