The MLS Digital Dev team has been working on some new features for our Golazo MatchCenter and we wanted to give our fans a chance to check them out and give us some feedback before we include them as standard features. Feel free to post feedback on Reddit or to post it on our User Voice Page. We will be running the trial features for the next week before we make decisions about what will go into production.

Moderated Stats

Golazo moderators now have the ability to generate a snapshot of a stat (along with some commentary) any time during the game for inclusion in the game timeline. You can filter out this content using the timeline filters if you prefer not to see the stats.

Stats in feed

Stats Sharing

You are now able to a click a share icon by each stat graphic on the stats page and capture a snapshot of that graphic for the current minute of the game. You will then be prompted to share the stat on Twitter, Facebook, G+, or via email. Golazo will automatically generate a rich piece of shareable content on the chosen social network with a link back to the match.

This feature is hidden behind a flag. To access it, add ?share=true to the stats page URL.


Share Button

Choose Network

Photo Expansion

We are currently testing two alternative views of the timeline. Currently, photos are collapsed to a short preview image and must be expanded to be fully viewed. This experience works well on a mobile device but feels wrong on the desktop. We have created two new modes to try and address this.

Expand mode - Photos will all be automatically fully expanded on the desktop. To access this mode, add ?timeline-photo=expand to the feed URL.


Collapse mode - Only the most recent photo will be fully expanded on the desktop. Photos lower in the feed will automatically collapse. To access this mode add ?timeline-photo=collapse to the feed URL.

Example: Choose Network

We encourage you to check out the Sounders/Galaxy game tonight using the new features. The links are below.

Have fun and let us know what you think!


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