A developer is only as good as his tools and at MLS Digital we are constantly looking for better ones to improve our products and workflow. We thought it might be helpful to put together a list of some of the more general tools we like and to see what the rest of the development community is using. So in no particular order, here are some of the tools we use day in and day out:

  • Trello - Fog Creek’s lightweight project management tool allows us to stay organized without getting too bogged down in workflow. Trello’s draggable cards and intuitive design helps us keep track of a myriad of issues.

  • DataDog - Datadog’s versatile monitoring service helps us keep track of our servers and metrics. Detailed graphs, alerts, and a wide range of third-party integrations makes Datadog one of our most utilized tools. We have also been contributing checks back to the Datadog agent, including a new check for Couchbase metrics and MySQL replication.

  • Github - Version control makes any developer’s job easier and things are no different at MLS. Our team uses Github to help manage multiple repositories for our 19 clubs and league site. We share our public repos at github.com/majorleaguesoccer

  • HipChat - Although we love IRC, we found Atlassian’s chat/IM client perfect for communicating within the team and with non-developers. In addition to being reliable and mobile friendly, Hipchat has a full suite of emoticons. And we added a few custom ones including: poolparty party soccer thundercats nyannyannyancat

  • Hangouts - Google hangouts make our remote standup-meetings quick and painless. Plus the iPad app and Chrome plugin make it easy to hold meetings on short notice.

  • Evernote Business - Evernote for business brings team collaboration to an already fantasic product. Evernote’s accessibility and support for nearly every device makes it our go to tool for documentation, release notes, and project collaboration.

  • 1Password - 1Password is great for managing multiple passwords on desktop and mobile devices. The new 4.0 version allows for multiple vaults and by using Dropbox we found a secure way to store any shared passwords between team members.

  • Jenkins - We use Jenkins for continuous integration and production deployments. The MLS Jenkins setup is designed to kick off builds after Github pull requests, run automated tests and deployments, and then notify the team of build statuses via HipChat.

  • PagerDuty - The team uses Pagerduty to manage on-call schedules and distribute and escalate alerts to the appropriate team member.

  • Pingdom - Pingdom provides uptime and latency monitoring for our infrastructure, various sites, and endpoints. Pingdom integrates with PagerDuty and HipChat to send alerts.

  • iDoneThis - This simple performance management tool allows us to stay up to date with each project the team is working on by asking each team member to email small snippets of what they did each day. It is a great way to record accomplishments and to encourage cross project communication in an asynchronous fashion. One of the cooler features is that iDoneThis integrates with GitHub and now displays commit messages in each user’s daily log.

  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics is our primary web metric platform and provides key metrics for gauging the MLS network’s performance.

  • Chartbeat - Chartbeat helps us track real time traffic and get a better idea of how our users are interacting with the site. Paired with Google Analytics, it helps us build a detailed picture of our audience.

  • Minigroup - This group communication service helps our team communicate release notes and other updates to stakeholders. Minigroup provides email integration and custom groups to keep members informed.

  • Splunkstorm - Splunkstorm provides us with centralized server logging and allows us to analyze our logs for meaningful trends.

  • Flurry - Flurry’s extensive mobile data analytics help us track the performance of MLS MatchDay.

  • Geckoboard - Geckoboard offers one place to monitor multiple services ranging from Google Analytics to Twitter. At MLS Digital, we mainly use its dashboard for page view tracking and metrics.

  • New Relic - New Relic helps us keep an eye on application performance on our Drupal sites and also provides monitoring for our servers.

  • Dropbox - We use Dropbox to sync our 1Password vault files and share docs across the team.

See anything you’re a fan of? Have any ideas for a better tool we could be using? Tweet any recommendations to me @LouisAJimenez and stay tuned for a blog post on our full Web Stack in the near future.

Louis Jimenez - @LouisAJimenez

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