You may have noticed a few changes around here at the MLS dev HQ. It was time to give a little love to our blogging platform in order to better reflect the fit and finish level we expect of all of our software.

The dev blog, now named Soccer & Code, is a statically generated Jekyll blog that we host on AWS S3 via Cloudfront (which is fantastically easy by the way). A big thanks to Michael Rose and his great hpstr theme which we used as a starting point for our own Jekyll theme.

We have a great team of devs here at MLS and we build some amazing software. We want to do a better job telling our story and giving back to the various open source communities who have given us so much. Stay tuned for some in-depth how-to articles on our engineering, open source Drupal and Node.js modules, and musings about building software for soccer fans.

Right here, at Soccer & Code.

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