Last night, we released an update to Golazo to address a number of issues reported by our fans. The game feed filter has been a source of confusion for our fans. It was hard to tell what filters were currently active and you could not mix and match content (e.g. give me videos and twitter, but nothing else). Filters were also cumbersome to use on mobile devices.

Our new design pares down the types of filters while increasing flexibility. We simplified commentary filters to key comments (goals, cards, subs, corners), all comments, or off. In combination with that, you can enable video, twitter, and instagram in whatever combination you prefer.

Feed Filter on full browser

The team has also began to really focus on mobile (stay tuned for some big changes to our mobile experience). We wanted to make sure that the new filters were designed with mobile use in mind:

Feed Filter on mobile

We hope you like the new feed!

We also invested some effort into optimizing performance for mobile devices. We realize that Golazo can strain memory on older phones, tablets, and even computers! We took some initial steps towards minimizing memory usage while the app is running. If you were experiencing performance issues prior to today, it would be great to hear if this update helps.

The full list of changes:

  • Simplified feed filter UX. We removed some choices and cleaned up the interface. We hope this is easier for everyone to use.
  • Lower memory usage on desktop and mobile.
  • Automatically direct fans to match recap page for a completed match.
  • Removed modal windows for tweets.
  • Added weather information for matches.
  • Highlights associated with commentary are now filtered correctly.
  • Videos and comments now continue to work after switching tabs.
  • Clicking a link to a shared Golazo video now properly loads on mobile devices.
  • Various UI and layout fixes

We have much more in the pipeline! Keep checking in to see what’s new. We will keep the blog update with all our changes.

Justin Slattery - @jdslatts

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